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“ Their passion, energy and commitment to innovation are inspirational. They are innovators when it comes to getting diverse groups of people together to improve various innovations on the global stage."— Ross Pellizzari, Managing Director, Avaya

On August 11th, join me and Taimour Zaman on an amazing webinar titled: "How to Reduce the Time Sales Reps Spend on Non Selling Activities?"

You will leave the session with:

  • How to structure communications and technologies to reduce non selling activities?
  • Meet Adrian and understand why he’s one of the most successful executive sales coaches.
  • An opportunity to meet and network with peers from across North America.The session will be from 12:00 pm EST to 1:00 pm EST and there are limited seats available. Please RSVP right away.

The Access Group: 6A – 170 Donway West Suite 1403, M3C2E8